New Pokémon Snap in a Nutshell

Pokémon Snap? More like Pokémon CRAP! Because oh crap oh jesus what have I done oh god no please oh god

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  1. CircleToonsHD


    4 månader sedan

    Going back and forth between this and Returnal has been an absolute treat! Returnal deserves an ENTIRE LONG video, would you guys like to see that?

    • player 1

      player 1

      10 dagar sedan


    • Arthur


      4 månader sedan

      Play synthetik instead. Same experience, more hilarity.

    • habiba hussain

      habiba hussain

      4 månader sedan


    • ¡BLURNED?


      4 månader sedan


    • Mohamed Noor

      Mohamed Noor

      4 månader sedan


  2. kartikeya Sawarkar

    kartikeya Sawarkar

    6 dagar sedan

    Bidoof more like Big-oof

  3. Fact checker922

    Fact checker922

    7 dagar sedan

    Omg lollll

  4. Michael Sproul

    Michael Sproul

    19 dagar sedan

    . Ha made you look

  5. idk


    Månad sedan

    W a h BRidjsiehsteaidejekeheoehei

  6. Its Me Jojo

    Its Me Jojo

    Månad sedan

    I keep killing pokemon w/apples



    Månad sedan

    Gives a 7 year old a murderous weapon Me: WOOOOO FREEDOM KID FREEDOM YESSSSSSS I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT

  8. xoxemmaxox 65

    xoxemmaxox 65

    Månad sedan

    His face

  9. ArTiC Archer

    ArTiC Archer

    Månad sedan

    Ah you see there "fluff fruit" so they're soft and can't hurt anyone......

  10. Pit1993x


    2 månader sedan

    That's actually one of my biggest criticisms of the game, that the apples don't pack the same oomph they did back in the N64 game. There the fruits felt like they had more weight. XD (that and the lackluster soundtrack are my biggest problems with the game)

  11. animelover0524


    2 månader sedan

    Oh, so we can abuse Pokemon like we did in the last game. Welp. XD I'm shocked but yet I'm not at the same time.

  12. Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    2 månader sedan

    That was a bad oof

    • Reed Costello

      Reed Costello

      Månad sedan


  13. Husky


    2 månader sedan

    Even though I have never played this game I feel like this video is too accurate

  14. Paul Partington

    Paul Partington

    2 månader sedan

    He looks so happy with himself at the end.

  15. Jack The Lucario

    Jack The Lucario

    2 månader sedan

    Now use those apples and that tank and GET ME PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN!

  16. Doghorse


    3 månader sedan

    Ah yes a wild animal getting assaulted is amazing But if it’s eyes are closed 0 stars Very fair Pokémon you are definitely not getting tracked by PETA for giving a kid diamond stars for assaulting a animals

  17. Burnt Butter

    Burnt Butter

    3 månader sedan

    You’re not gonna talk about how fucking overpriced this is?

  18. Somewhat Decent Somewhat Bland

    Somewhat Decent Somewhat Bland

    3 månader sedan

    "And that's how I got into photography kids!"

  19. Jach DeLad

    Jach DeLad

    3 månader sedan

    I've watched this a solid 20 times and laugh every time

  20. Raynman Plays

    Raynman Plays

    3 månader sedan

    That kid is _awfully_ well-spoken for a seven year old.

  21. TheAdvertisement


    3 månader sedan

    Pokémon Shoop de Woop.

  22. Frokydafroakie


    3 månader sedan

    he shouldve killed it and take a pic of its corpse

  23. Doge Moon

    Doge Moon

    3 månader sedan

    *HOW DARE YOU KILL BADOOF * insert goku screaming * AAAAAAAAHHHHHH*

  24. I AM CAT

    I AM CAT

    3 månader sedan


  25. Erika Phelps

    Erika Phelps

    3 månader sedan

    I have almost the exact same scenario but it's a Magikarp scared shitless because of an apple.

  26. Turnt SNACO

    Turnt SNACO

    3 månader sedan

    "This isn't a bad shot at all."

  27. Brittany Campbell

    Brittany Campbell

    3 månader sedan

    Can you make a Titanfall 2 in a nutshell

  28. I eat CEREAL!!!

    I eat CEREAL!!!

    3 månader sedan

    Eat your cereal

  29. Waughin Jarth's evil twin brother

    Waughin Jarth's evil twin brother

    3 månader sedan

    I was supposed to *feed* them? Oh...

  30. King Vulpes

    King Vulpes

    3 månader sedan

    That photo looked way to real

  31. imeverywhere


    3 månader sedan

    Well the apple ate his skull

  32. IronSwordDK


    3 månader sedan

    Its not even near the real game of New pokemon snap

  33. hazy


    3 månader sedan

    Professor: you were supposed to feed them the apples not shoot it at them. Child: then why did you make the device shoot the apples then professor. Professor: ...

  34. Vaderoth Ormbiten

    Vaderoth Ormbiten

    4 månader sedan

    Suffocating from laughing

  35. Zaire Ash-Shafii

    Zaire Ash-Shafii

    4 månader sedan

    This whole short was just to show off that pic. **WORTH.**

  36. Dr. Ford

    Dr. Ford

    4 månader sedan

    This is a public comment

  37. ZX


    4 månader sedan

    Hilarious! 😂

  38. FluvfMining


    4 månader sedan

    I tried pokemon snap and my pokemon didn't get up

  39. Mr. Explodio

    Mr. Explodio

    4 månader sedan

    Lets be honest, giving a kid a tank is far less dangerous than giving them a pokemon. I mean come on, reading the bios of these creatures is terrifying!

    • Reed Costello

      Reed Costello

      Månad sedan

      give them a shuckle.

  40. linh Lê

    linh Lê

    4 månader sedan

    No Pokemon was harmed in the process of making this video

  41. Hunter B Hyped

    Hunter B Hyped

    4 månader sedan

    Random child

  42. spc1118


    4 månader sedan

    We all know the majority of players are +20 years old. We can use tanks

  43. Hero Doushiki

    Hero Doushiki

    4 månader sedan

    I like how everyone doesn't just say bidoof, but as biDOOF.

  44. VXhybrid


    4 månader sedan

    When you realize that the scientist is letting the kid use a possible military weapon just so he is able to take some photos of pokemon

  45. Cyber punk45

    Cyber punk45

    4 månader sedan

    Thor diemon s.t.a.r.s

    • Reed Costello

      Reed Costello

      Månad sedan


  46. Shadow


    4 månader sedan

    This is incredible

  47. John Kirby

    John Kirby

    4 månader sedan


  48. ItsUnpug


    4 månader sedan


  49. Ethan Myers

    Ethan Myers

    4 månader sedan

    Oh yeah you gave that 4 Stars and you can give a single sleeping Pokemon

  50. weckar


    4 månader sedan

    The game went out of its way to say these were significantly lighter and softer than normal apples for a reason :P

  51. tntdeathbomb


    4 månader sedan

    I do not own the game so I don't really understand

  52. Andaru Warastika

    Andaru Warastika

    4 månader sedan

    now you are a professional photographer 👍

  53. Bt Alex

    Bt Alex

    4 månader sedan

    I play subnautica and sometimes i make that game like pokemon snap: water edition. Without apples but with TORPEDOES

  54. Someone


    4 månader sedan

    Next game is genocide of pokemon

  55. Zchieo


    4 månader sedan

    If i trick you you have to pin me Read more...

  56. hi


    4 månader sedan

    Why the new professor look like professor birch if he was addicted to whiteclaw and played warzone all day

  57. Pacific Grim

    Pacific Grim

    4 månader sedan

    Next Pokemon Snap Update: TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING



    4 månader sedan

    Your new comment on that video was pretty suspicious, like calm the fish down

  59. sipp-n-juice


    4 månader sedan

    Congrats on 2 mil

  60. Mr_ Man120

    Mr_ Man120

    4 månader sedan


  61. Miko Makowski

    Miko Makowski

    4 månader sedan

    Ahh, the rating system is still fucked Somethings never change

  62. Bidoof The Doof

    Bidoof The Doof

    4 månader sedan

    I feel personally attacked.

  63. Adruz41


    4 månader sedan

    Pokemon snep

  64. Soldat Daniels

    Soldat Daniels

    4 månader sedan

    I was looking forward to seeing the kid in an actual tank but oh well. Also that smile at the end!

  65. Jaybird11


    4 månader sedan

    Seriously, how tf he get dat pic doe...

  66. Caiden Ricketts

    Caiden Ricketts

    4 månader sedan

    What animation pad do you use? Or your first one?

  67. whatdoitypehere?


    4 månader sedan


  68. MK8 Master!

    MK8 Master!

    4 månader sedan

    You forgot to mention that Todd the protagonist of the original Pokémon Snap shows up in this game.

    • MK8 Master!

      MK8 Master!

      4 månader sedan

      @ForumcoldiArchon Yeah I know that. It’s pretty dumb that he didn’t mention it in the video though.

    • ForumcoldiArchon


      4 månader sedan

      Else it wouldnt be New pokemon snap as the original game is named after Todd whose familyname is snap.

  69. Lotifa Akter

    Lotifa Akter

    4 månader sedan


  70. mcToaster


    4 månader sedan

    to some, a delicious fruit, to others, LIVE AMUNITION!!!

  71. 𝑀𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑎


    4 månader sedan

    You captured god

  72. CapNcat


    4 månader sedan

    The only reason to play the new snap is to absolutely brain some bidoofs

  73. Gavin Cowan

    Gavin Cowan

    4 månader sedan


  74. GDTNTsheep


    4 månader sedan

    Peta be like: HOLY SHIT

  75. Rapha James Coyme

    Rapha James Coyme

    4 månader sedan

    Sub and like

  76. Cats Are YES

    Cats Are YES

    4 månader sedan

    Should’ve mentioned sharing photos online. It gets... weird.

  77. Can I get 1k without any vids?

    Can I get 1k without any vids?

    4 månader sedan

    The fact that that actually happened

  78. Random Person

    Random Person

    4 månader sedan

    OOOOOOO Sorry you made a miscalculation it's actually a 1 star because Bidoof was secretly sleeping

  79. Caleb Lambright

    Caleb Lambright

    4 månader sedan

    The word Child was said 3 times in this video Just to sink it in

  80. CaidenSmay The great!

    CaidenSmay The great!

    4 månader sedan

    You should make another nutshell of this but next time have the kid look at a heavily deformed Pokémon and make him think it’s a rare shiny XD

  81. Kvalitní animace

    Kvalitní animace

    4 månader sedan

    Animation is so bad and that what make if funny

  82. Tomaszano


    4 månader sedan

    Touch the bidoof

  83. subterra


    4 månader sedan

    Do u still play halo??

  84. perretti2006


    4 månader sedan

    That’s Pokémon Snap alright!

  85. Scientifically Improbable

    Scientifically Improbable

    4 månader sedan

    I felt genuinely bad when I knocked the Arbok out of the tree :(

  86. David Pellecchia

    David Pellecchia

    4 månader sedan

    And in 5 years he can truly enslave these pokemons

  87. the_epic_scout


    4 månader sedan

    Engineer gaming

  88. TheSrSalvatore


    4 månader sedan

    Pokemon Sword, Shield, -Gun- , now Pokemon Panzer?

  89. FaVa ultra sun

    FaVa ultra sun

    4 månader sedan

    Bro, i love your work on youtube, can you do it with apex? Pretty please

  90. EnderWolfBolt


    4 månader sedan

    0:30 a face only a mother can love.

  91. x Shadow_28 x

    x Shadow_28 x

    4 månader sedan

    Caught me off guard all I can say xD

  92. Captin Phaze_Toast

    Captin Phaze_Toast

    4 månader sedan

    To true dude

  93. LetsQuackAboutIt


    4 månader sedan

    The fact that you used an ACTUAL picture. Priceless

  94. Mario Watcher

    Mario Watcher

    4 månader sedan

    "Such a creative interpretation of Magrotte's painting!"

  95. yuri_the_bomb_2


    4 månader sedan

    Modern day society be like: "Sure give the kid a tank ah"

  96. The Muffin Company inc.

    The Muffin Company inc.

    4 månader sedan

    "Whats the point of a tank if I can't have a child driving it" - ISIS

  97. P4iNLesssHD


    4 månader sedan

    monke is better

  98. Shell knight

    Shell knight

    4 månader sedan

    *Now Imagined how old youd have to be to drive in the pokemon world*

  99. Splacheris


    4 månader sedan

    Hey random profesor guy i need youre best miletary grade equipment NOW

  100. xeno blade

    xeno blade

    4 månader sedan