When the Internet Memes a Serious Moment


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  1. CircleToonsHD


    2 månader sedan

    follow my twitch or i will die instantly, i will literally explode into dust please www.twitch.tv/circletoonshd

    • Cherry The cat aka Yvette

      Cherry The cat aka Yvette

      13 dagar sedan

      I can’t

    • G Clan assistant

      G Clan assistant

      Månad sedan

      Ruined the 69 comments

    • Big Bean

      Big Bean

      Månad sedan


    • Ray Zhang

      Ray Zhang

      Månad sedan

      Killer queen bites the dusto

    • yes this is my username

      yes this is my username

      Månad sedan


  2. Hest 2005

    Hest 2005

    45 minuter sedan

    you good?

  3. KingwendelFX Tv

    KingwendelFX Tv

    16 timmar sedan

    Among us You get home? Aaaaaaaaaa

  4. 까마귀ItsCrow


    Dag sedan

    1:04 wait where did u get that?

  5. joseph roszell

    joseph roszell

    2 dagar sedan

    Everyone who becomes a spectacle will understand this is the core of objectification. To be idolized is to be copy pasted misunderstood and many other things both meaning and aesthetic is important I love bat v super but ya I agree with almost every critical review and meme the dumber something is the smarter something is,don't believe me? Watch the behind the scenes of beavis and butthead a lady brings up the fact that they are innocent and it's other characters that truly have the power and choose to abuse it but beavis and butthead are just trying to have fun in a cruel world. Stupid meme=hidden deep knowledge Bullshit is the most important word in the English language

  6. Thaw Moe Htet

    Thaw Moe Htet

    3 dagar sedan


  7. Menos Problemos

    Menos Problemos

    3 dagar sedan

    Funny You know what's a meme with emotions? | |I || |_

  8. SuburbanHome


    4 dagar sedan

    Did he fuckin spit on the screen at the end

  9. Rina


    4 dagar sedan


  10. Fat man

    Fat man

    4 dagar sedan

    Fart noise*

  11. Jesper Aung

    Jesper Aung

    6 dagar sedan

    Memes are a common coping mechanism, it helps.

  12. Fred Riddles

    Fred Riddles

    6 dagar sedan

    Two people walk into a theater. The first is dead silent and tries to surpress their critical thinking skills so that the filmmakers have an easier time manipulating their emotions. They wait and watch the movie from begining to end before making any sort of commentary. The second has to inject some sort of commentary or prediction every time the movie takes more than two seconds to explain something. They also make jokes and do not take the movie very seriously. Both of these are valid ways of enjoying the movie. Its only when these two types of movie goers interact with one another that problems arise.

  13. Deborah Wilkerson

    Deborah Wilkerson

    6 dagar sedan

    This happened with Invincible

  14. ASAP And Chris

    ASAP And Chris

    6 dagar sedan

    Basically like THINK MARK THINK meme

  15. Jared Hoover

    Jared Hoover

    7 dagar sedan

    I actually really like when I come across a piece of media be it movie, videogame, etc that gets me to cry. It's one of those rarer emotions I don't get to feel as often.

  16. Luigiboy127


    8 dagar sedan

    He Shot Him, AND THEY MADE IT A M E M E!!

  17. N H

    N H

    9 dagar sedan

    1:02 I couldnt stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. DroidRazer


    9 dagar sedan

    r u ok

  19. Galeb Duhr

    Galeb Duhr

    9 dagar sedan

    I feel like Circle is going insane slowly

  20. Kirk Calixte

    Kirk Calixte

    9 dagar sedan

    stay off that Coke my dude

  21. wolverinewholikesbagels


    9 dagar sedan

    why does “crime sometimes pays” sound like a decent show?

  22. Aidan Tait

    Aidan Tait

    9 dagar sedan

    revenge of the sith's high ground scene fits this moment. its supposed to show you what monster anakin became and people just dont take it seriously.

  23. Ryan


    10 dagar sedan


  24. Natived


    10 dagar sedan

    *"were not allowed to feel emotions"* I felt that. *I Felt That...*

    • Meme Iselfaneye

      Meme Iselfaneye

      10 dagar sedan


  25. EVERSOR_Assassin_115


    10 dagar sedan

    Feelings and empathy are thrown out the window

  26. Ben Kim

    Ben Kim

    13 dagar sedan

    Wait....is he drinking soju?

  27. SupercoolZ_Elias Perese

    SupercoolZ_Elias Perese

    13 dagar sedan


  28. Rebeca Pacheco avila

    Rebeca Pacheco avila

    13 dagar sedan


  29. Boris Poetrevski

    Boris Poetrevski

    13 dagar sedan

    I love Team Fortress 2 but it's community is retarded as shit. I don't see someone who has GENUINE personality, all they see is big chungus is funny and type something beyond outistic (i know the right word youtube doesn't let me use it) they just like trying to be funny so hard it makes me feel how better my life is than these dumbasses

    • Jesse Markham

      Jesse Markham

      10 dagar sedan

      tf2 has the most unfunny fanbase in existence

  30. Huss Catboy-Roblox, Fortnite and Mobile Gaming!

    Huss Catboy-Roblox, Fortnite and Mobile Gaming!

    14 dagar sedan

    1:27 * s n e e z e *

  31. Aeoxander


    14 dagar sedan


  32. idk


    14 dagar sedan

    Euwhrktirejeoeheoeiekdheoeheib Ahh yes....DEPPRSION

  33. Purcaru iuliana

    Purcaru iuliana

    15 dagar sedan

    idk why but this is right

  34. Carter Blackwood

    Carter Blackwood

    15 dagar sedan


  35. Casual Lectures

    Casual Lectures

    17 dagar sedan

    I love how every Fandom now has 2 camps, with one dissecting every detail like it's the Bible, why the other basically clowns on it 24/7

  36. AV dE

    AV dE

    17 dagar sedan

    Never forget that Despicable Me could have been a funny, wholesome superhero parody franchise. But memes turned it into the Minion hellscape we know today.

  37. Legion


    21 dag sedan

    Some top tier acting right here

  38. { Bruxinth }

    { Bruxinth }

    24 dagar sedan

    When all things go to shit and the lights dim, you better learn to enjoy some dark humor. It’s why we love the Joker: he makes countless dark and sinister plots and yet finds a way to turn it all into one big punchline at the end.

  39. Toyota AE86

    Toyota AE86

    25 dagar sedan

    “GOD FORBID WE FEEL FOR 2 SECONDS!” Here’s the thing, they do make me feel... *Feel joy*

  40. I Had a Thought Once

    I Had a Thought Once

    28 dagar sedan

    When you said serious moment, I thought you meant like Coronavirus and the stuff going on in Afganistan but ok...

  41. Swordfish XD

    Swordfish XD

    28 dagar sedan

    Im 900 000th Views

  42. anonymous man

    anonymous man

    29 dagar sedan

    funni meme...

  43. Doge1234asdf


    29 dagar sedan

    him spitting out the wine at the end made me crack



    29 dagar sedan

    Its crazy to see how fast this actually became a meme

  45. Sniper


    Månad sedan


  46. Crimson W1ld

    Crimson W1ld

    Månad sedan

    Ru ok?

  47. Sollow


    Månad sedan


  48. zuqad


    Månad sedan

    *Breaking bad*

  49. WJK093


    Månad sedan


  50. SuperWiiBros08


    Månad sedan

    the worst part is that you can't fight back, meme jokes of a serious moment are like the rule 34 of the internet: if it exists there's jokes of it, no exceptions

    • Sikeez


      Timme sedan

      RULE 69/420.

    • Max Valyavin

      Max Valyavin

      3 dagar sedan

      the rule 34 of the internet is the rule 34 of the internet wdym

    • a very epic guy

      a very epic guy

      7 dagar sedan

      @SMP :(

    • SMP


      7 dagar sedan

      @a very epic guy r/whoosh

    • a very epic guy

      a very epic guy

      11 dagar sedan

      @Dung Dung just whoosh me

  51. Mateololero


    Månad sedan

    The Joker

  52. Marco Antonio

    Marco Antonio

    Månad sedan

    Meanwhile at rdr2: time to not meme any death and actually cry at most of them

  53. Kakyoin Cherry

    Kakyoin Cherry

    Månad sedan

    Yep that's Invincible for you

  54. DRSZBW7


    Månad sedan

    are u ok?

  55. Zack Walton

    Zack Walton

    Månad sedan

    how did he pull the trigger with no fingers

  56. Tameless


    Månad sedan

    ah I see you are a drinker of the beverage well known as soju

  57. UnJovenRaro :v ✅

    UnJovenRaro :v ✅

    Månad sedan

    Society after an emotional moment:

  58. Naruto muto

    Naruto muto

    Månad sedan

    I like how he pronounces “lmao’’

  59. New Anonymous Channel

    New Anonymous Channel

    Månad sedan

    Oh man, I thought seriousness are gone nowadays

  60. Samlyn Noel

    Samlyn Noel

    Månad sedan

    That sneeze at the end lol

  61. snow furry

    snow furry

    Månad sedan


  62. Yousef al abdulghani

    Yousef al abdulghani

    Månad sedan

    This is the same with “SHIIIIIZZZZAAAAA” like come on, this guy got smashed by a rock and they make it a joke

  63. x H A J I x

    x H A J I x

    Månad sedan


  64. Max Sims

    Max Sims

    Månad sedan

    I love this I cant even have a serious talk with some family members without memes entering somehow

  65. Ewan Kirby

    Ewan Kirby

    Månad sedan

    You know what they say: Tragedy + Time = Comedy It's just a shame that for the internet that "Time" is 0.00234 seconds

  66. 태현승


    Månad sedan

    소주 마시는거 개웃기네 ㅋㅋ

  67. Drew Kun

    Drew Kun

    Månad sedan

    Dont u have neighbors?.... with the amount of screaming you're doing i hope u sound proofed your house lmao

  68. Alessa


    Månad sedan

    Reminds me of “THINK, mark”

  69. TheAdvertisement


    Månad sedan

    We joke about the tragedy because we're on the internet to get away from our feelings not feel more.

  70. Tenzing Khedup

    Tenzing Khedup

    Månad sedan

    Imagine thinking emotions is just being sad lmao.

  71. Tayler


    Månad sedan


  72. Amadeus C

    Amadeus C

    Månad sedan

    Actually crime pays more often that not

  73. Phoenix Payne

    Phoenix Payne

    Månad sedan

    i love how you demonstrate that modern humor is taking a video and overlaying a series of sound effects on top of it.

  74. James C

    James C

    Månad sedan

    soju i see you're a man of taste

  75. Youtube Minute

    Youtube Minute

    Månad sedan

    So think mark?

  76. S-N-G-B


    Månad sedan

    I wonder how the trolls will handle this situation

  77. Some Random Person On The Internet

    Some Random Person On The Internet

    Månad sedan

    This is exactly how I feel about today’s memes why can’t we go back to 2010?

  78. Toreole


    Månad sedan

    You see, us making memes about serious situations really is just meta commentary about what society expects of us and how cruel and uncaring life as a whole is

  79. Baggest


    Månad sedan

    One time I watched my family get shot to death and then took a picture of their dead bodies with the template “When you accidentally eat a tortilla chip vertically”.

  80. Rayyan da boss

    Rayyan da boss

    Månad sedan

    The guy at the end is insane

  81. Hello I'm Jordan

    Hello I'm Jordan

    Månad sedan

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact they watched the final episode in 3 minutes?

  82. Hello I'm Jordan

    Hello I'm Jordan

    Månad sedan

    Inaccurate: 3 minutes *Accurate:* 3 seconds

  83. 000 Notlucky

    000 Notlucky

    Månad sedan

    Holy sh*t calm down dude it's just a meme.

  84. Eugene


    Månad sedan

    Think, internet, think

  85. TemmieCreeper


    Månad sedan

    you. . . you ok buddy?

  86. Sliiimy


    Månad sedan

    ohhh thats like the cops and the minorities

  87. Rexailos


    Månad sedan

    0:17 when my cousin owes me 7 dollars

  88. Lean Dankr

    Lean Dankr

    Månad sedan

    When the joke meme actually funny

  89. Studio Illustration

    Studio Illustration

    Månad sedan

    A great flexer once said "it's better to laugh about something meant to be sad about something" or something like that

  90. Steve Luna

    Steve Luna

    Månad sedan

    The secret for a spicy meme is a serious moment

  91. Månad sedan

    "3 mins after the show" How long is this episode? 2 min?

  92. Nuclear Jay

    Nuclear Jay

    Månad sedan

    The boys looking for beans getting serious now

  93. Jack of Diamonds

    Jack of Diamonds

    Månad sedan

    The memer and his friend both said that the whole episode, but it said that he made that meme 3 minutes after the episode aired.

  94. Finley


    Månad sedan

    Do you need help bro?

  95. Bryan D

    Bryan D

    Månad sedan


  96. guido mista

    guido mista

    Månad sedan

    Mental breakdown of the writers is kicking off great with its premiere

  97. Carter Childers

    Carter Childers

    Månad sedan


  98. Ben L.

    Ben L.

    Månad sedan

    It's how we cope, don't judge.

  99. Weirdos VIDIOgames reborn

    Weirdos VIDIOgames reborn

    Månad sedan

    im going to say a word named "pee pee"

  100. Westray


    Månad sedan

    Think, Mark, think!