When the RPG Minigame is Overly Complicated


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  1. CircleToonsHD


    8 månader sedan

    What next?! Do you expect me to PAY MY TAXES?! SERIOUSLY?! Why is there a knock at my doo- Oh btw guys, really fun Pokemon card stream tomorrow at 1PM EST!

    • Seems Legit

      Seems Legit

      3 månader sedan

      your videos seem to calm me down every time I get my ass kicked in Dark Souls lol

    • é isso ai

      é isso ai

      3 månader sedan

      the 4

    • RSM BECK

      RSM BECK

      4 månader sedan


    • Information Not Available

      Information Not Available

      5 månader sedan

      Why does this voice sound exactly like Binkey the bulldog from Authur?

    • Cristian Salas

      Cristian Salas

      5 månader sedan

      I think it’s a Minecraft sped run

  2. Jason R

    Jason R

    4 dagar sedan

    The real treasure was the locks we picked along the way.

  3. Jools Depreitere

    Jools Depreitere

    8 dagar sedan

    Plot twist : his mom put the chest there so he would call her

  4. A gammer

    A gammer

    9 dagar sedan

    Sky rim be like

  5. Luigiboy127


    10 dagar sedan

    Mario And Luigi Bowsers Inside Story In A Nutshell

  6. Mordecai & Rigby & Baby Ducks©™

    Mordecai & Rigby & Baby Ducks©™

    23 dagar sedan

    0:52 *This chest requires a key* 🔑

  7. Ákos Farkas

    Ákos Farkas

    Månad sedan

    0:18 2nd row 3rd column

  8. NotArmani


    Månad sedan

    This is why Backtracking exists.

  9. Jon Hawco

    Jon Hawco

    Månad sedan

    Lockpicking lawyer would of had it open in 3 seconds in a 5 min video

  10. bob hamster

    bob hamster

    Månad sedan

    Reminds me of the forging scene from Sao abridged

  11. nika andriadze

    nika andriadze

    Månad sedan

    *0:38* This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most cursed image of this channel. A moment please, I will vomit now 🤢🤢🤢.

  12. Ass Mcgee72

    Ass Mcgee72

    Månad sedan

    Loooool skyrim

  13. Nerx animations

    Nerx animations

    Månad sedan

    hey that's super difficult but possible. it is impossible because the puzzle with symbols doesnt have the symbol at start. i checked it and all the symbols arent the same as the one at start.

  14. BlueMartian


    2 månader sedan

    The whole point of being able to lock pick something is that you dont have to get a key for it Dont mean to be mean in any way just saying

  15. Kev


    2 månader sedan

    Is that chest just Danganronpa or something

  16. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody

    2 månader sedan

    why u stopped before he opened it to find one used banana?

  17. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    2 månader sedan


  18. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    2 månader sedan

    So you know in the skyrim thieves guild quest how -Matt- Mercer can unlock doors that require keys with the skeleton key? And you know how you get the skeleton key at the end of the quest? You can return it later, and even if you have the -Useless McGuffin- Skeleton Key you can't opem doirs that require keys. HMMMMMMMMMMM

  19. xCCflierx


    2 månader sedan

    That's weird... the other lock needed a key too AND I FUCKING PICKED IT. THIS ONE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME

  20. TheArgonianBro


    2 månader sedan

    I love that this videos are all just skyrim

  21. Surviver625


    2 månader sedan

    The fact that all the symbols actually have slight differences makes me like this video even more

  22. Sean Balz

    Sean Balz

    2 månader sedan

    Its vesteria in a nutshell on roblox

  23. Nightbot t

    Nightbot t

    2 månader sedan

    LPL's been real quiet since the launch of this video.

  24. JasmineDragon


    2 månader sedan

    god now I want to see lock picking lawyer use mods to break key doors that cant be unlocked in games.

  25. Christopher Wiig

    Christopher Wiig

    2 månader sedan


  26. Boffloff


    2 månader sedan

    We just ignoring those Phillips heads? Seems more like you need a screwdriver

  27. Andre Lemos

    Andre Lemos

    2 månader sedan

    Next lock require blood of six virgins.

  28. Ronon McClure

    Ronon McClure

    3 månader sedan

    0:19 I think it's the middle right one Edit: Nvm, it's the bottom row middle column one

  29. Roland Johansson

    Roland Johansson

    3 månader sedan

    This is The Lockpicking Lawyer and what I have for you today is..

  30. Gaming Nebula

    Gaming Nebula

    3 månader sedan

    It's the top left symbol

  31. Chi Pa Pa

    Chi Pa Pa

    3 månader sedan

    Later he uninstalled that game xd

  32. j g

    j g

    3 månader sedan

    Proceeds to find key. Finds key 3/4 of the way through game. Unlocks chest to find respectable weapon that is 10% weaker than current weapon.

  33. The Klonkeurer

    The Klonkeurer

    3 månader sedan

    I prefer this over the stupidly easy puzzles

  34. Menos Problemos

    Menos Problemos

    3 månader sedan

    It's the same symbol as the middle right, right? Have you made a video about backseat gamers?

  35. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

    3 månader sedan


  36. Raynman Plays

    Raynman Plays

    3 månader sedan

    I call my mom every day. And you should, too, if you're lucky enough to be able to be in contact with her.

  37. milk


    3 månader sedan


  38. Deathly Drained

    Deathly Drained

    3 månader sedan

    "Chest Requires Key" Yeah...that's why I'm lockpicking...it mimics the key or am I wrong on how lockpicking works

    • Jomel Toledo

      Jomel Toledo

      11 dagar sedan

      @The Lonely Proto plot twist: the chest is protected by a magic barrier.

    • The Lonely Proto

      The Lonely Proto

      Månad sedan

      @ResPhantom break it open with a tool. its literally made of wood.

    • ResPhantom


      2 månader sedan

      @S.R. Prem I thought the chest was locked. Damn. Must've been a mimic. Me: Respawns with 2 hearts and buys the chest noise canceling headphones.

    • S.R. Prem

      S.R. Prem

      2 månader sedan

      @ResPhantom the chest hates loud noise and it kills u and locks u inside itself. And destroys it's contents before your eyes in a cutscene

    • ResPhantom


      2 månader sedan

      @GiantDinoBoy Don't mind if I do. Me: Starts dancing

  39. Razuer


    3 månader sedan

    Little did he know that he had the chest key was in his backpack

  40. Zimny Lech

    Zimny Lech

    3 månader sedan

    When you break 10 lockpicks opening a chest, and get 5 lockpicks as a reward. *STONKS*

  41. Jm56Z


    3 månader sedan

    LPL : "click out of one, nothing on two... ...a bit of counterrotation and a nice click of 5, aaand we got this opened."

  42. ItsGreen Pro

    ItsGreen Pro

    3 månader sedan

    Her mom read the chest son he stopped stealing

  43. Mikkel


    3 månader sedan

    And at the end, he gets a 12 hours timer with "pay $12 to skip".

  44. Matthew Jenkins

    Matthew Jenkins

    3 månader sedan

    Dark Soul has a chest that will eat you if you opened it

  45. Foxxo


    3 månader sedan

    Literally Fallout: New Vegas Caravan tho

  46. That Artist Guy

    That Artist Guy

    3 månader sedan

    *This chest requires a key* Well I guess all those other chests I lockpicked were just never meant to be opened ever

  47. Terrible gamer

    Terrible gamer

    3 månader sedan

    The family who made that chest Family “THATS FOR STEALING OUR LOOT”

  48. ShiftedTimez


    3 månader sedan

    This is just breath of the wild shrines

  49. Jason Sherer

    Jason Sherer

    3 månader sedan

    Me: "Is This Some Newbie Joke I Don't Understand?"

  50. Forest King

    Forest King

    3 månader sedan

    (i commented this before the video even started for me) in the thumbnail, i notice the lock.. and i notice the pick.. and im 9 right now.. and i played the game at 5 years old... THE GAME IS SKYRIM!! I KNOW IT, I KNOW IT ALL, I AM TO POWERFUL FOR YOU TO DEFEAT ME, FALL DOWN TO THE GROUND AND BOW TO ME FOOLISH HOOMAN

  51. simao miguel

    simao miguel

    3 månader sedan

    The lockpicking sound reminds me if the lockpicking sound in theif

  52. Chambers


    3 månader sedan

    Mimic so many mimic.

  53. Izan García

    Izan García

    3 månader sedan

    im sure u played skyrim

  54. Denmark


    3 månader sedan

    Even worse when you have the skeleton key, which opens *ANY* lock. But not this one for some reason.

  55. Sara M Serafin Vazquez

    Sara M Serafin Vazquez

    3 månader sedan

    Imagine doing All that and All that's in the chest is another lock pick and a mini heal

  56. Gian Peter Borejon

    Gian Peter Borejon

    3 månader sedan

    Breaking 10 locks in Skyrim for a chest that contains 2 locpkicks and some septims

  57. gbg reviews

    gbg reviews

    3 månader sedan

    *can lock pick so many locks but second 1 requires a key your lock picks mean jack shit* ... yeah that makes full and utter sense right XD

  58. Zachary Rollick

    Zachary Rollick

    4 månader sedan

    ~ unlock

  59. Katherine Dobbs

    Katherine Dobbs

    4 månader sedan

    "We're gonna use a bottom of the keyway tension and-"

  60. mad Kenny with a gun

    mad Kenny with a gun

    4 månader sedan

    This is some skyrim stuff

  61. Bob Bobber

    Bob Bobber

    4 månader sedan

    When you can use a lockpick to open a combination safe but not for a normal chest with a keyhole...

  62. Mouse Ninja

    Mouse Ninja

    4 månader sedan

    Poor guy

  63. Nima Master

    Nima Master

    4 månader sedan

    aaaah... FINE

  64. Nolanシ


    4 månader sedan

    0:37 therapist: Nolan it’s fine, realistic circletoons can hurt you Realistic circletoons:

  65. Christian Jandicala

    Christian Jandicala

    4 månader sedan

    Maybe the key is friends we meet along the way

  66. Vampirichalo58 the gamer

    Vampirichalo58 the gamer

    4 månader sedan

    dude just bring a screwdriver

  67. UnusualAnimations


    4 månader sedan

    Why don’t games ever just let you use an axe to break the WOOD on the chest?

  68. Scissor Demon Suya

    Scissor Demon Suya

    4 månader sedan

    LockPickingLawyer can't relate

  69. matt Hinton

    matt Hinton

    4 månader sedan

    Can somebody make a mod for skyrim where there's a chance you unlock a lock but then need a key anyway

  70. ¡¿W.D.■.Gaster¿¡     • 666 Years Ago

    ¡¿W.D.■.Gaster¿¡ • 666 Years Ago

    4 månader sedan

    Skyrim be like:

  71. lilthreeGame


    4 månader sedan

    I've spent a year trying to learn oblivion's speechcraft and lockpicking. and i gotta be honest, the lock picking i understand but refuse to spend time on because its overly difficult. And their speechcraft still eludes me. so i stopped trying to use it

  72. Brayden Nelson

    Brayden Nelson

    4 månader sedan

    When there is a chest behind a waterfall: how original. When there isn’t: * wet shocked *

  73. TheWanderingMist


    4 månader sedan

    Answer to magic symbol match: Bottom center. Clear top triangle Bottom is a rectangle Dots are open Triangles to right of top triangle Triangles next to top triangle do not have marks over them

  74. Neoscrox446


    4 månader sedan

    I was waiting for the 10 gold and an apple lmao

  75. Andrew Curtin

    Andrew Curtin

    4 månader sedan

    I wanna know what was in the chest

  76. AtlasPrime619


    4 månader sedan

    “The greatest kind of security is not to make the lock impenetrable, but to make the lock break the will of the thief.” - Me

  77. Ryan Carr

    Ryan Carr

    4 månader sedan

    Plottwist:he’s playing Skyrym

  78. Gaming Animations

    Gaming Animations

    4 månader sedan

    0:38 bro I just.... like why

  79. Jay


    4 månader sedan

    Me with RE2

  80. Galactic Gamer VO

    Galactic Gamer VO

    4 månader sedan

    Kingdom Come Deliverance locks in a nutshell like bruh level 11 at lock picking and can't even attempt to open hard locks bro wtf!?

  81. Ian Mitchell

    Ian Mitchell

    4 månader sedan

    What song was that at the end?

  82. Gamingmarinestudios


    4 månader sedan

    Chest difficulty: øbßürę

  83. Bruhstopitalready


    4 månader sedan

    This is basically dying light when it comes to pick locking anything in the game lol

  84. King J0k3R

    King J0k3R

    5 månader sedan

    0:16 The correct panel is the one his hand is on. Middle row, and all the way to the right.

    • Cibermage 07

      Cibermage 07

      3 månader sedan

      @Cernunnos Midle one in the bottom row

    • Cernunnos


      3 månader sedan

      no it's not, its got lines atop the triangles. i dont think any of them match

  85. Akechi Mitsuhide

    Akechi Mitsuhide

    5 månader sedan

    And when you open it it's a mimic and [YOU DIED]

  86. John Smith

    John Smith

    5 månader sedan

    When I saw the preview image, I thought the lock was the Eye of Sauron.

  87. Ryan Carrasco

    Ryan Carrasco

    5 månader sedan

    Does anyone happen to know the song that plays at the end? (Even though it plays for about two seconds.)

    • Justin Carwile

      Justin Carwile

      5 månader sedan

      @Ryan Carrasco No problem, hope you enjoy!

    • Ryan Carrasco

      Ryan Carrasco

      5 månader sedan

      @Justin Carwile Thanks a ton, dude!!

    • Justin Carwile

      Justin Carwile

      5 månader sedan

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  88. Pollycat1957


    5 månader sedan

    looks like dream

  89. Justin Carwile

    Justin Carwile

    5 månader sedan

    What was that music at the end? Edit: Song is - Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  90. Crocy boi

    Crocy boi

    5 månader sedan

    EA : This chest requies a key called yer wallet .

  91. 3metal4life1


    5 månader sedan

    Hilarious! What's the song at the end?

    • Justin Carwile

      Justin Carwile

      5 månader sedan

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  92. Dave Adams

    Dave Adams

    5 månader sedan

    Anyone else get the 5 minute long Lume commercial? Funny I watched the whole thing.

  93. Silvadel Shaladin

    Silvadel Shaladin

    5 månader sedan

    Keys are available in the cash shop for 300 widgets. You get 1-3 widgets as a "bonus" whenever you buy 10 rhodium with real money. Rhodium can't buy keys.

  94. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    5 månader sedan

    ` unlock skyrim pc players would understand when a lock annoys them

  95. Rank 1 assassin

    Rank 1 assassin

    5 månader sedan

    0:37 his true beauty

  96. Juan’s Boi

    Juan’s Boi

    5 månader sedan

    0:37 he is beautiful

  97. Joel Miller

    Joel Miller

    5 månader sedan

    Kingdome come deliverance

  98. Inyo


    5 månader sedan

    Well of course it requires a key that’s what lockpicks are for >: [

  99. kirbo


    5 månader sedan

    realistic circle toons bottom text

  100. Kevin Candelario

    Kevin Candelario

    5 månader sedan

    Reminds me of then expert hacking challenges in fallout. Hated them so much