Necromancers in RPGs

Just when you thought something couldn't get more sick and twisted...

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  1. CircleToonsHD


    5 månader sedan

    Genuinely had a stupid amount of fun making this, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Also, HUGE thanks to for the additional animation!

    • J.williumfluxferg


      2 månader sedan

      Why did i expect bones to start grinding.

    • Nook


      5 månader sedan

      Can you make another video about reviewing video games please?

    • MrFlishy


      5 månader sedan

      Hey circle I reccomend you a game to play it's on steam for free Called Splitgate arena warfare it has controller support and is considered to be basically halo multiplayer with portals and if you can give my twitch a shout out please do

    • No Name

      No Name

      5 månader sedan

      They don't be like this at all. This was just XD random humor and not relatable or observant. You suck

    • The kids in my basement are annoying • 14 years ago

      The kids in my basement are annoying • 14 years ago

      5 månader sedan

      Pretty cringe

  2. Md Rehab

    Md Rehab

    Dag sedan


  3. 1


    3 dagar sedan

    Diablo III isnt like that :(

  4. Kevinator Jay

    Kevinator Jay

    4 dagar sedan


  5. Arsh


    5 dagar sedan

    This gave me the idea for a necromancer bard. Sadly I've got No one to play with so i just gotta write a book in my mind like usual.

  6. Motivique Studio

    Motivique Studio

    7 dagar sedan

    Totally missed a chance to reveal the skeleton's name, which can only be... Bony Hawk.

  7. King of Fish

    King of Fish

    8 dagar sedan


  8. BigCartoonman


    9 dagar sedan

    12 year olds with a tech deck

  9. Mario Ramos

    Mario Ramos

    9 dagar sedan

    Don't lie, this video was only made to flex your wicked animation skills.

  10. Connor Duren

    Connor Duren

    10 dagar sedan

    New season of Overlord is looking awesome

  11. Dogo gamer

    Dogo gamer

    11 dagar sedan

    Goes from "son u are adopted" To "HOW IS THIS GUY SO SSIIICCCKKK?!??!!??!?!?111!?!?!"

  12. Huon Piper

    Huon Piper

    12 dagar sedan

    haha skele boi go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. Gamer Mosley

    Gamer Mosley

    13 dagar sedan

    0:43 Is it me or is there a discord notification sound there

  14. pumpkinisthename


    13 dagar sedan

    0:43 I heard a faint discord notification

  15. EpicSama


    14 dagar sedan

    It’s the skeleton of Thockmorton

  16. Howard Ray

    Howard Ray

    16 dagar sedan

    damn that animation smooth

  17. meir8901


    23 dagar sedan

    0:43 the fucking discord sound :/

  18. just another fangirl

    just another fangirl

    25 dagar sedan

    I absolutely love playing a necromancer in games (and honestly would love to be irl / don't get the stigma, i mean there a ton of positive uses) but almost nothing does it justice

  19. RememberNovember


    26 dagar sedan

    Even in death, Throckmorton fucking shreds

  20. Toby Bromley

    Toby Bromley

    27 dagar sedan

    0:00Is it just me, or is he holding the Terraria Pygmy Staff!!??

  21. HaHa


    28 dagar sedan

    You guys remember angry birds epic? That forest area was so cool

  22. Orion McC

    Orion McC

    Månad sedan

    He sure is wicked!

  23. Tariq Rayman

    Tariq Rayman

    Månad sedan

    Lets talk about how S M O O T H the animations are.

  24. The_L_God


    Månad sedan

    The only magic I see is movement animation from circle toons

  25. Atharva alok

    Atharva alok

    Månad sedan

    The animation of the skeleton off 😘😘

  26. MoltenBros


    Månad sedan

    Or necromancers in TDS

  27. Timbooohs


    Månad sedan

    0:42 Nice discord notification sound.

  28. Jack was here

    Jack was here

    Månad sedan

    Any one else see the border lands thing in the book

  29. NullBot


    Månad sedan

    Necromancers in rpgs are either the absolute meta or meh.

  30. Eneilio Belanger

    Eneilio Belanger

    Månad sedan

    0:23 adorable trance

  31. Trinston Michaels

    Trinston Michaels

    Månad sedan

    Trinston was here .. ..

  32. deathblade


    Månad sedan


  33. Youtuber Youtuber

    Youtuber Youtuber

    Månad sedan

    Ah yes the skateboard skeleton

  34. Matt's life

    Matt's life

    Månad sedan

    Skater name "Mr. Bones".

  35. Adam Kareem

    Adam Kareem

    Månad sedan

    What was that wicked song when the skeleton started skating??

  36. nika andriadze

    nika andriadze

    Månad sedan

    *0:47* Wow this guy is *FOR REAL* Animated, woah! Great job! I wish you did more of these ''For Real'' animations instead of just dragging pictures around.

  37. Jeremy Gusoff

    Jeremy Gusoff

    Månad sedan

    Those witches in the new Witcher comics that force you to go through the five stages of grief be like

  38. cookiedoodle02


    Månad sedan

    Dude animating in paint

  39. Brush


    Månad sedan

    0:43 did i hear a discord notification?

  40. James Weeks

    James Weeks

    Månad sedan

    Was that supposed to be bony hawk or was it just a skeleton on a skateboard

  41. Benaiah Papalii

    Benaiah Papalii

    Månad sedan

    I love being a necromancer

  42. Cybear


    Månad sedan

    0:43 you can hear the discord notification tone at the end of the music. Now I can never unhear it.

  43. Erico Vergara

    Erico Vergara

    Månad sedan

    That animation tho :)

  44. Inbred Banana

    Inbred Banana

    Månad sedan

    Phenomenal animation dude

  45. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez

    2 månader sedan

    It's the Skeleton of Skater McGee

  46. That Kingdom Hearts Guy

    That Kingdom Hearts Guy

    2 månader sedan

    That from 100 to -57 real quick

  47. Xaush


    2 månader sedan


  48. Shadow Man

    Shadow Man

    2 månader sedan

    Holy shit animation that isn't just him moving a camera over a picture? That seriously caught me off guard.

  49. Rickypol 007

    Rickypol 007

    2 månader sedan

    And i wonder how do circletoons skits are when they are smooth and how long does it take to make them that smooth

  50. The Michael

    The Michael

    2 månader sedan

    Oh no! It's Bony Hawk!

  51. Flying


    2 månader sedan

    0:43 hey buddy you got dm-ed

  52. Terrons 85

    Terrons 85

    2 månader sedan

    my name is terrons or if u mean terrance or other name

  53. M SH

    M SH

    2 månader sedan

    Reminds me of that story about the skateboarding lich

  54. plush films

    plush films

    2 månader sedan

    I think he said that the skeleton is wicked is because it has animation

  55. Quin


    2 månader sedan

    Sir Circle, i have a question that has been burning me deep within. What RPG games do you play?

  56. Im Ran

    Im Ran

    2 månader sedan

    Everybody gangsta until Skelly done some "smooves"

  57. lucky poloki

    lucky poloki

    2 månader sedan

    At first I tought that you were going to mock about people that like necromancers but finaly you just made me smile

  58. wingofunny


    2 månader sedan

    Animate dead, classic Necro.

  59. Isiah Volcy

    Isiah Volcy

    2 månader sedan

    Circle animated this?

  60. Zeek


    2 månader sedan

    was I the only one who heard a discord notification from 0:38 to 0:43

  61. David Sheplak II

    David Sheplak II

    2 månader sedan

    He's not that wicked. He dosent even have any drip

  62. Kuwa


    2 månader sedan

    Dude the skeleton grinded medieval arches. That’s insane.

  63. TrimLukey


    2 månader sedan

    0:43 bwuh bop

  64. Darth Mongrel

    Darth Mongrel

    2 månader sedan

    Uh yes the fabled animated corpse

  65. Hleb Vladimir

    Hleb Vladimir

    2 månader sedan


  66. Antonin Perron

    Antonin Perron

    2 månader sedan

    I now just imagine the final boss in the game say:"Now check out this sick move" while shooting laser at you...

  67. 『Not Iveboy32 』

    『Not Iveboy32 』

    2 månader sedan

    The Skeleton is BONY Hawk

  68. RedRiotRoss


    2 månader sedan


    • Luke_dapip


      14 dagar sedan

      How are you verified but so little likes lol

  69. Laura Hovis

    Laura Hovis

    2 månader sedan

    I just want to play a summoner that has summons as cool as that guy.

  70. Praetorian Guard

    Praetorian Guard

    2 månader sedan

    Ainz must have been really really bored one time.

  71. Thomas Hursey

    Thomas Hursey

    2 månader sedan

    undead tony hawk

  72. Broken_Winged_Dove


    2 månader sedan

    0:42 random muffled discord ping lol

  73. Alvort


    2 månader sedan

    0:38 D I S C O R D P I N G

    • Zeek


      2 månader sedan


  74. The Deadliest

    The Deadliest

    2 månader sedan

    0:43 thought that was my discord.

    • Zeek


      2 månader sedan


  75. B0oty K1ller6969

    B0oty K1ller6969

    2 månader sedan

    Holy shit that was sick as hell

  76. Prometheus Lens

    Prometheus Lens

    2 månader sedan

    Not only was the Necromancer flexing his necromancy skills onto the hero, but also Circletoons was flexing his animation skills onto us

  77. Eric Wheeler

    Eric Wheeler

    2 månader sedan


  78. TheNeon08


    2 månader sedan

    Listen closely... 0:42

  79. MyAteSpiders


    2 månader sedan

    I didn't know where that was going but then, aaaahhhh!

  80. stave


    2 månader sedan

    That skeletons fukin rad

  81. Jay Boogie

    Jay Boogie

    2 månader sedan

    Me and Terrance said damn at the same time

  82. okuyasu nijimura

    okuyasu nijimura

    2 månader sedan

    The skeleton was so powerful and wicked he could animate himself

  83. E4EHCO


    2 månader sedan

    Animation in circle toons typically shows that the one being animated is powerful thus we can infer this skeleton is super strong

  84. R0n


    2 månader sedan


  85. Chug Chug status

    Chug Chug status

    2 månader sedan

    When you summon the powers of James Baxter to animate

  86. Tyler Joseph Schommer

    Tyler Joseph Schommer

    2 månader sedan

    That servant is called Fluid Animation

  87. cass lane

    cass lane

    2 månader sedan

    i love playing as a necromancer ever since diablo 2 in that you could be the hero lol

  88. Dallas Jon Paul Grove

    Dallas Jon Paul Grove

    2 månader sedan

    Bro if the Necromancer is able to raise Tony Hawk in skeleton form you better just fucking run.

  89. Amy


    3 månader sedan

    Some adventure time type stuff in this.

  90. Hugo Baes Jr.

    Hugo Baes Jr.

    3 månader sedan


  91. Dizon Damian

    Dizon Damian

    3 månader sedan

    i like to see that your getting into animation thats really good

  92. Ramon609


    3 månader sedan

    0:40 dangit Discord!

  93. J. Dimond

    J. Dimond

    3 månader sedan

    I get the feeling the skeleton animation came first, and the rest of this is just an excuse to show it off.

  94. Daichi


    3 månader sedan

    Sung Jinwoo: Mine can do better Beru: Um do what now

  95. RILEY Wickenton

    RILEY Wickenton

    3 månader sedan

    The skeleton animation was really smooth

  96. Llewellyn Davis

    Llewellyn Davis

    3 månader sedan

    0:46 wow this is very good

  97. Dest Raw

    Dest Raw

    3 månader sedan

    May your vision be cursed with fish-eye lens!

  98. Dest Raw

    Dest Raw

    3 månader sedan

    Extreme... To the MAX

  99. Oleg Oleg

    Oleg Oleg

    3 månader sedan

    Rest in piece skeleton, no longer used for using up 80% of the year's animation budget

  100. daluved1


    3 månader sedan

    Idk why the name Terrance is so funny to me 😂